WIIS has grown into a network of 7,000 associated experts worldwide, reflecting a broad and diverse range of expertise. WIIS has members in more than 47 countries, its membership comprises policymakers, military personnel, diplomats, legislative aides, scholars, students, journalists, and business executives at all stages of their careers. They work on issues ranging from non-proliferation and terrorism to human rights, development, environmental security, and conflict resolution.

U.S. Chapters and International Affiliates

North America

  • WIIS Global Headquarters (Washington, DC)
  • WIIS Canada
  • WIIS DC (District of Columbia)
  • WIIS Florida
  • WIIS GWU (George
    Washington University)
  • WIIS New England
  • WIIS NY (New York)
  • WIIS West

Latin America

  • WIIS Argentina
  • WIIS Guatemala


  • WIIS Austria
  • WIIS Brussels
  • WIIS Estonia
  • WIIS Finland
  • WIIS Germany
  • WIIS Greece
  • WIIS Italy
  • WIIS Malta
  • WIIS Poland (Launch Nov. 2017)
  • WIIS Romania
  • WIIS Spain
  • WIIS Sweden
  • WIIS Switzerland
  • WIIS UK (United Kingdom)

Middle East

  • WIIS Israel